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ASTM A992 wide flange H beam enjoys high strength of 65ksi and low ratio of weight-to-strength, so it is frequently used by construction.

ASTM A36 wide flange H beam is commonly used in general construction for its medium-level strength & low cost.

ASTM A992 steel beam is the most popular beam section in construction for its premium weight-to-strength ratio and high strength.

ASTM A588 steel beams share not only high strength but also corrosive resistance against environments. It is the best choice for outdoor uses.

ASTM A572 steel beam has low ratio of weight-to-strength and is widely used in heavy construction applications.

ASTM A36 carbon steel I beams are commonly used in general steel construction and engineering for its medium strength and good weldability.

Steel beams including I beam & wide flange h beam, are important factors for steel building construction.