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Steel Beams Widely Used in Construction & Engineering

Steel I beams are high-strength, long-span structural timber beams which are extensively used in construction and engineering projects. In general speaking, I beams contains S-beam, universal beam, H beam or wide flange beam. However, these beam sections are different in dimensions, strength and applications.

I beam consists horizontal element - flanges and vertical element - web. The web resists shear forces while the flanges resist most of the bending moment. Due to its effectiveness in carrying both bending and shear loads, it is the most frequent for steel buildings, bridge and civil project.

W-section beam & S-section Beam

Steel beam with W-section & S Section

S-shaped hot rolled steel beam

Hot rolled steel beam

According to the profile, steel beams can be divided into "S" shaped I beam and wide flange H beam. What is the difference between S-shaped beam section to wide flange H beam? First, wide flange steel beam has parallel flanges while S-shaped I beam has tapered flanges which have a slope on the inside surface. Second, for the wide flange beam, the width of web and flange is almost equal, while for the S beam, the flange is a lot narrower than the web. Third, as a result of the differences above, their mechanical properties and applications are very different.

Steel i beam dimensions:

According to European Standards, Steel I Beams dimensions contain IPN & IPE. Find the following profiles and the details in specific steel I beam products.

I beam for IPN dimension

IPN beams with tapered flange

I beam with parallel flanges

IPE beams with parallel flanges

Steel i beam applications:

  • Support beams for construction, facilities and engineering.
  • Support steel channels, steel angles.
  • Workplace platforms.
  • Factory shops, warehouses.
  • Truck bed framing.

Wide flange h beam dimensions:

  • Light version - HEA according to DIN 1025-3.
  • Normal Version - HEB according to DIN 1025-2.
  • Heavy Version - HEM according to DIN 1025-4.

Wide flange h beam applications:

  • Construction support beams for factory shops, steel buildings.
  • Factory platforms.
  • Bridges.
  • Frames for truck bed.
  • Machinary.
Wide flange H beams connection of a steel construction.

Wide flange h beam for workshop construction.

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