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Established in 2005, Hebei Jinshi Industrial Metal Co., Ltd. has been engaged in steel section business. Over these years, our business has expanded across the whole China and built solid partnership with many customers. With the development, our company began to develop the bigger foreign steel market especially in the developing countries like India. Owing to our rich experience in steel sections making, processing and applications, besides quality steel sections are supplied, we also provide considerable after-sales services to our customers. For example, we can advise our client to purchase suitable steel products according to the specific application.

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What products do you supply?

  • Steel Beams
    Steel beams include I beam, H beam and wide flange beam, which of them are necessary parts for steel construction, bridge and truck bed framing. These beams sizes are manufactured by European standards.
  • Steel Channels
    Steel channels C-shaped channels & U-shaped channels are available. Channel sections are popular parts for construction.
  • Steel Angles
    Steel angle is another popular steel section in construction, engineering and everyday life. They can be used to make electric tower, complex steel construction or simple everyday staff like coffee table.
Steel angles, beams & channels with special specifications are supplied

What about the source of our steel sections?

All our clients are very concerned about our sources of steel sections. That is a very important issue before you place order. The sources of sections have close relationship with quality, price, minimum order quantity, delivery time, certificates and after-sales services. We declare here that all our steel sections are from state-owned steel-making companies like Tang Steel Group, Capital Steel Group. We have solid cooperation with these large steel works and signed long-term agreement to technology agreement to guarantee the quality and delivery time.

Due to many years' experience in steel trading domestically and over abroad, we are very familiar with the steel market in China. When requiring your inquiry, we can make the best purchasing plan. On one hand, the quality is ensured at first; on the other hand, the minimum order quantity is not so much as other companies especially steel factory. One of advantage of choosing a trading company is their integration of sources.

Mild & HSLA wide flange H beam warehouse

What services will I receive here?

  • First, our products are from state-owned factories or large private enterprises where the quality is highly controlled. Technical agreement should be achieved before shipping.
  • Second, adequate inventory ensures not only the promote delivery but also small amount of minimum quantity.
  • Third, considerable services will be done through the whole purchase process.
  • Fourth, our products not only includes common steel sections but also the sections which are unfrequently found on the market.
Jinshi steel angles, beams and channels used in many steel constructions oversea

All our staff are young and ambitious and we are always striving to satisfy all our customers however the order quantity. Glad to hear your inquiry.

Hot Products

ASTM A588 channel section with copper content can resist corrosion effectively itself, so popular for shipping manufacturing.

ASTM A572-50 high-strength low-alloy steel channel is ideal for applications where have strict needs for high strength.

ASTM A529-50 carbon-manganese steel channel is a little stronger than common A36 channel sections, which allows for light weight for the strength.

ASTM A36 steel channel - a low-carbon channel section, is commonly used as supporting or framing components for construction or machinery.

The most popular products and specifications
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